For anyone who has upgraded their installation of Windows Vista Beta 2 to RC1 and at the same time had the free Trend PC-cillin Internet Security 14 AV/firewall installed, you may find that in RC1, Internet Security no longer starts up.

The problem exhibited after upgrade may be that the Internet Security icon in the system tray at startup is unlickable and doesn’t respond. An attempt to uninstall the program results in Error 1713.

Error 1713: “Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 14 cannot install one of its required products. Contact your technical support group.”

Trying to re-install the program will give the same error as it goes through the process of trying to uninstall the previous version first.

A quick email to Trend got me the followingsolution which worked although it popped up two messages about some Ctrl error or something. Just click OK and continue. You will probably be asked to reboot, do this and your system will be ready to re-install Trend PC-cillin Internet Security 14!

Please follow these steps in forcing the uninstallation using PCCTool.exe:
>> Forcing the uninstallation using PCCTool.exe
1. Go to C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\PCC14.56_VistaBeta2\Tools.
2. Double Click PCCTool.exe.
3. Select “Allow” for User Account Control window.
4. Select “[E] Uninstall ” tab.
5. Select “4. Uninstall” > “Uninstall”.
6. Select “Yes” for confirmation message.
7. Wait for minutes.
8. Restart computer.

This reply came from rep at Trend within 5 minutes of sending the query!

By Viran

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