Dead Rising Disc Read Error - Xbox 360 For those of you getting a disc read error in Dead Rising at the main menu that prevents you from even playing the game, a possible fix has been posted by DrunkZombie over at the forums. You’ll need a memory module to do it though!

1st off, this is the fix for the error when you cannot even start the game through the menu.

You will need: Memorycard (borry m8’s if you dont have one, you only need it for a few mins)

This fix DID and does work for me. (but that does not mean that there is no need for a fix)

Read it through once and then try it out.

1. Take the disk out and turn the xbox360 off.
2. Disconnect your HDD
3. Turn on your xbox360
4. Create a Gamer Profile on the memory card.
5. Play Dead Rising (DA) and save when you finnish in the helicopter.
6. Remove the game and turn off your xbox360 (anyway, its not important at the stage)
7. Connect your HDD and turn on your xbox360.
8. Move the account you created from the memory card to the HDD
9. Then move the Save data from the memory card to the HDD
10. Turn off the Xbox360 and remove the Memory card.
11. Turn on the xbox360 and sign into the account you created.
12. Put the game in and play either from the save or start the game again.
13. Go and save again.
14. >>>VERY IMPORTANT<<< Once you have saved it press the Xbox360 Button. Then sign out WITHOUT GOING TO DASHBOARD!!!
15. Once you have signed out sign in with the account that you wish to play with(agian in the same place as you signed out). This will take you to the Menu if not there already.
16. Start a new game and it should actually start and not come up with “disk read error”.
17. Save as soon as you can, after you have saved it you can play the game as if there was no error in the 1st place. Happy gaming.

I have not yet had the “disk read error” message whilst playing the game.


P.S tell me how it goes, doe it work? If not then tell me.

Phew..hope that helps! You can find the original thread HERE.

By Viran

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