I’ve been reading alot on message boards that Dead Rising is causing all sorts of problems with the Xbox 360. There are suggestions that it is one of the first games to fully utilise all three cores of the Xbox 360’s and this is resulting in overheating or other anomalies which results in graphical glitching, crashing and bricking of the console.

As a skeptical git, I thought nothing of the associated problems, even though I am now on my second console as the previous one failed to turn on…last game played? Dead Rising demo. I bought Dead Rising (as Test Drive Unlimited was unavailable) and played it for about 20 minutes then switched the console off. I returned to the console another 10 or so minutes later and found that the Dashboard wasn’t displaying correctly, instead it was glitching about. All connections were solidly connected and only a power off and on resolved the issue. This worried me that the replacement Xbox was on its way out..with my 12 month warranty due to expire in December!


In another game of Dead Rising later that day, I exited the North Plaza into the Leisure Park and decided I had to go back in for some sledgehammers. Upon activating the door to North Plaza, the Xbox displayed a nice “unreadable disc” error!

I’ve never had so much hassle from a product until it’s out of warranty by around three or four years…at least.

By Viran

2 thoughts on “Dead Rising really causing problems for Xbox 360s?”
  1. I’ve had this game since it has come out and I haven’t had any type of issues with it whatsoever. I bought my 360 in December and it has been smooth sailing since then. On the other hand, my roommate has been playing Saints Row and he received the ever popular Ring of Death last week. I’m paranoid to play that game now because I don’t want anything to happen to my 360 because I don’t have the money to replace it.

    It sucks that we have to be weary of certain games so that our systems don’t go down. M$ needs to get on this and fix this problem. Sorry for the long comment :).

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