Intellimouse plus Copperhead equals Microsoft Habu I was reading Eurogamer’s live coverage of the Microsoft Press Conference at the Leipzig Games Convention and spotted spotted a snippet of info regarding Microsoft’s Intellimouse.

The Microsoft Intellimouse was popular amongst gamers, particularly those who rested their entire palm on it as it had a low and smooth arch. The surprise is that Microsoft have teamed up with Razer – creators of the Boomslang, Diamondback and Copperhead gaming mice.

Having a look at the Razer’s site, a few pictures of the new mouse, titled “Microsoft Habu” are present along with some specifications. It has the familiar shape of the Microsoft Intellimouse with the looks and features of a Razer Copperhead, including the glowpipe. In addition, the Habu has ‘interchangeable side buttons’ for varying hand sizes and preferences.

By Viran

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