I’m watching the first episode of Little Miss Jocelyn online right now and it looks like a cracker (“…its a cracker” – Frank Carson). If you are in the UK you can watch it at the BBC 3 website or on BBC 3 today (22/08/2006) at 10.30pm.

A snippet from the LMJ page gives a small taste of what to expect:

The series features a huge mix of sketches including: the first black female US president; an upfront toilet attendant; a woman with worms; and a Nigerian wife who collects husbands and needs constant marriage counselling.

The first scene in the airport reminded me of the TV series Airline where some EasyJet customers would have a tantrum when they had turned up late for a plane or been waiting in the wrong place and totally missed boarding.

..the Nigerian Wife sketch is funny as hell!

Nigerian Husband: Does this excite you? Look! <points to wife>

By Viran

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