Xbox Live Marketplace UK showing Gears of War Demo Many people are wondering if there will be a Gears of War demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace prior to its release. There hasn’t been any conclusive news or evidence of the appearance of a demo and this post doesn’t claim to be either. BUT…check out the header image on the Xbox Live Marketplace page over at Xbox UK. Incase the image is changed or removed, I have included a screenshot in this post, click it to enlarge.

Xbox Newsletter showing Lumines Live out now claim Personally, I take this with a pinch of salt…especially if the Xbox Live Newsletters are anything to go by. Often there is a demo, or Live Arcade game that has been reported as being released when the newsletter goes out. This month it is Lumines Live that is being shown as “out now”. Maybe they are suffering from editorial timelines where content is written a month before using guideline release dates..or…Lumines Live will be out when Xbox Live comes back online after the maintenance on the 17th.

By Viran

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