If you need to beef Frank up a few levels in Dead Rising and you have unlocked Overtime Mode…look no further as its as simple as popping into Seon’s for a pint of milk!


1. Get some weapons!
When starting Overtime mode, pop down from the hideout, goto the gunshop around the corner. Get yourself some shotguns sniper rifles etc, walk towards the main part of North Plaza, skip the cutscene and then snipe the Special Forces soldier in the building with the black facade and large glass windows. Once you break the glass and land a hit on the SF guy, he will run towards you down the corridor. Just snipe and shotgun him a few times; his mate nearby will probably follow him in towards you so be ready. If you need, you can always step back into the empty shop around the corner, re-aim and get a shot on them as they come round. Collect their guns and head out into the main part of North Plaza and turn right towards Seon’s, look out for the small helicopters and SFs in the shops eitherside.

2. Shopping at Seon’s
Enter Seon’s. Once in, run down the right-most aisle where the vegetables are, to the back wall.

[AI Tip] In my video there were 2 SFs waiting near the back of the store near the Orange Juice fridge, sometimes they aren’t there. If they appear they will stick to their aisle and run to the front of the store or faff around trying to see you through the veg stalls…just run down the aisle.

Keep running to the back and then once at the back wall, run left…keeping to the back wall…so that you are running towards the backroom doors/meat counter. There are another 2 SFs guarding the backroom door, just run around these.

[AI Tip] If the 2 SFs in the vegetable aisles spotted you, they will have radio’d the team guarding the backroom and one of these SFs will run at you. No worries, chances are he’ll stick to the left side of the meat freezer, stay on the right. Depending on your running speed he may fire off some shots as you pass him. The other SF will just stand there and only shoot once you open the backroom door.

3. Backroom Door
Once you get to the backroom door, open the right half only and run to the pharmacy on the left. There is a bit of dumb AI/waypoint where the SFs can’t follow you in as the left half of the door is in the way of their waypoint so they will all stand outside the backroom door. Get to the pharmacy, open the door and close it behind you, incase an SF manages to follow you. in. From the pharmacy you have a clear view of the area around the backroom door. Just shoot out the windows and fire into the crowd of SFs that has gathered.

4. End Game
There are 8 SFs in the store. Usually all will gather around the doorway once you start firing at those already there. Most of the time an SF will be within the cover of the backroom doorway who isn’t immediately visible but his gun is. Just shoot the edge of the wall and he will pop out to die. Occasionally, some SF will hang around the checkouts when you are doing your thing from the pharmacy. Just shoot them and they will run back and forth across the pharmacy windows like some sort of duck shooting game at the fairground.

When all 8 SFs are dead, refresh your gun supply, top up on health and juice then leave Seon’s. Go back in and start the process again. In doing this you can get the SFs to farm up nicely at the backroom door, allowing for easy pickings. Alternatively, you could enter the Maintenance Door then re-enter the backroom of the store but the SFs will not be gathered in the same way.

I’ll get some pictures up later as all this text looks abit crap.

By Viran

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