Yes, that’s the BMW of car manufacturing fame. BMW, like Porsche, has a design subsidiary that designs products for various product sectors. Their latest piece of work is a concept high-end gaming tower for Thermaltake called Level 10, which was “…inspired by gaming”.

Instead of being just a well designed box, the case is made up of a main wall on the right side of the case, to which a number of smaller boxes are attached. Each of these boxes contains components for the computer that would normally be hidden in their entirety within a standard computer case. On each box is a bit of silver text, such as the PSU Area and the MB Area, identifying the item inside. Along the front, a number of drive bays can be identified, each in their own casings. There are no wires visible on the system either, leading to a cleaner yet ‘modern-industrial’ appearance. The computer is to be bootable by using a USB flash drive as an “extractable power button” and for securing personal data. If you look at the image, you may also notice there is a handle built into the case, one at the bottom on the floor-stand and one mostly hidden from view along the top to allow for quick and easy handling. Without lighting most of the design, and dust, would be hidden. The case has red lighting integrated into it along the main wall and emanating from the motherboard casing, rendering your cold cathodes redundant for now 🙂

In seeing this, maybe Porsche Design Group will begin working on something with another case manufacturer. Keep those eyes peeled!

bmw thermaltake computer case chassis

By Viran

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