Xbox 360 Elite - Pic courtesy of Microsoft Microsoft have announced the upcoming release of the much rumoured Xbox 360 Elite – a black Xbox 360…with a HDMI socket and 120GB hard drive. “Is that it?” I hear you cry, oh…thats the voice in my head.

The Elite comes with black peripherals such as a wireless controller and wired headset. Additionally, a HDMI cable is included in the bundle. For those who are unable to amplify the audio over HDMI, the standard A/V port on the Xbox 360 is still there and can be used with a cable to output audio only, over optical or phono leads.

In a video at, Albert Penello thinks that the unit…

“is gonna include alot of value…for people who are coming in and getting Xbox for the first time.”

Value for new customers indeed, for existing customers? Not so much. At $479 its $80 more than the $399 of the Premium. For existing customers you could pay abit more and stretch to the PS3 with a Blu-Ray drive if you fancy some HD-movie-on-disc action. If you want the newer model, you better get that passe white console on eBay before the prices drop even more.

Also, the 120Gb hard drive will be available to buy seperately and will cost a whopping $179…what the hell, are these and the 20GB drives Cuban or something?

So in short $479 for the Xbox 360 Elite, available in the US and Canada from 29th April, 2007. Undoubtedly the units will come to the rest of the Xbox market areas in-time.

For a ghetto way of obtaining a black Xbox 360, you could use black vinyl skins, buy a pre-made black case or paint it black!

(Xbox 360 Elite Black Premium 120GB HDMI Microsoft)

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