‘Semi-official’ Sony blog ThreeSpeech has revealed the list of PlayStation 2 and PlayStation One games that will work on the PlayStation 3.

The compatibility site claims that 1782 games for the PS2 are playable on the PS3. Having looked at the list and removed obvious duplicates, this leaves around 778 games.

Here is a text file of the PS2 games compatible with the PS3. The official list with PS2 and PSOne games can be found here. The games have been graded by their compatibility levels:

3 marks – No known issues to date;
2 marks – Should play on PLAYSTATION┬«3 with some minor issues;
1 mark – Should play on PLAYSTATION┬«3 with noticeable issues.

To be able to play the games, European PS3 owners will have to download the 1.6 update, available from midnight on 22nd March.

Even with the duplicates removed, this list is certainly larger than the Xbox 360’s list of backward compatible Xbox games which is currently at 297 games. Those looking forward to Gran Turismo 5 and are looking to play Gran Turismo 4 in the meantime will be disappointed by the lack of compatibility.

EU PS3 Backward compatible List
Text list of PS3 compatible games

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